18. junij 2012

Mednarodni študentski tabor v Bohinju

Uncover International Student Camp at Lake Bohinj / Slovenia

In English we say “Don’t judge a book by its cover!” when we want each other to look under the surface of something – to examine it more carefully. When it comes to personal relationships I think we can all agree with this saying. No-one wants to be treated in a shallow way. We want others to treat us carefully, to take the time to really get to know us.
What about Jesus? Do we judge him by his cover or have we taken the time to examine him a bit more thoroughly? During this camp we will take some time to investigate some stories of people who met Jesus and whose lives were completely changed by him. We will read sections of the New Testament book called “The Gospel of Luke”and then discuss what these accounts mean for us.
You don’t need to know anything about the Bible and you don’t need to believe in Jesus to come on this camp. All you need is the willingness to take some time to uncover the real Jesus. Will you judge the book by its cover or by its contents?
  • Where: Can you imagine a more beautiful place to camp than on the western edge of lake Bohinj in the middle of our Julian alps? There are possibilities for swimming, mountain hiking, canoeing and cycling. If there is enough interest we can organise rafting or horse riding. Sounds good to me. You in?
  • Who for? All university students are warmly invited as well as high school students who are enrolling in university.
  • When: Wednesday 11th July (arrive for dinner at 5pm or later in the evening) – Sunday 15th July, 2012 (leave after lunch).
  • Language: English. This of course provides a great opportunity to learn and practice English and to share with others a little of your own language and customs.
  • Cost: (tents are supplied and food is included in the price) 40 € per person for the whole camp. You will need to bring extra money for other activities.
  • What you will need to bring: a sleeping Bag, a mat or air mattress to sleep on, good walking shoes, swimmers, and a light rainjacket.
  • Application: Please apply by email to info@zves.si now or at latest by 8th July.
  • For any further information please write to the above email address or call +386 40 156 409
  • Download flyer here.

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